Mentoring Programme

Business Mentoring Program Service

In the first months of opening your business, you’ll need to make many important decisions. But you don’t have to make every decision on your own. Ultimately, you’re responsible for your business, but you can always consult a mentor for advice.

Smart first-time entrepreneurs tap into the knowledge of mentors who can guide and advise them towards accelerated development.

Seasoned entrepreneurs can tick off a list of predictable mistakes that new business owners are likely to stumble into. From over ambitious earnings forecasts to a refusal to delegate, common startup missteps can be annoying time wasters or serious enough to doom a new company.


Our Mentoring Programme runs by few Consultants who major in different areas of :

  • Website Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Human Resource
  • Admin & Finance.

It includes all the seven courses and even the setting up of office and equipments acquisition to be comprehensive.

We offer assistance in printing and legal matters, if required.

Duration and Fee

Our formal & informal and offline & online mentoring programme runs for 1 year period.

At initial stage of the first 3 months, frequent meetings on weekly basis are required to put the company’s infrastructure in place.

There-after a monthly meeting will be held to review and ensure progress. The fee is S$29,000.

Deposit of 10% ($2,900.00) & balance 90% after 1 month.  Interested to engage our service.  Please fill-up the form below:

Business Mentoring Fee
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