Facebook Marketing System

Facebook Marketing System for Start-up or Small Business

Why FaceBook is very important to Start-up or Small Business?

One of the TOP social media networks platforms
Facebook is by far the most popular based on numbers:

  • More than 900 million monthly active users
  • 526 million of whom visit the site daily
  • Average 2.7 billion “likes” every day
  • 250 million photos are uploaded daily
  • 425 million mobile Facebook users
  • 57% female/43% male users by gender
  • Average of 20 minutes time spent on Facebook per visit

Build loyalty and deepen relationships

  • Generate awareness and increase word of mouth
  • Gather valuable marketing information
  • Offers targeted advertisement
  • Allows you to target local and foreign prospects
  • Advertising on Facebook is relatively cheap
  • Facebook allows multi-purpose promotions
  • Facebook have multi-purpose Apps for your page

As business owners or marketers, our main goal is to reach the most targeted prospects and convert them into customers or clients. Facebook Marketing allows us to do just that. If you are doing Internet Marketing for your business then adding Facebook Marketing would surely spice-up your campaign. But if you are still considering to do Internet Marketing, then doing Facebook Marketing first would be a good start. Your prospects are waiting on Facebook, act now!

We offer a complete system that will handle your business Facebook Marketing from scratch. After 4 months you will have a robust and functional Facebook Marketing System that brings in the needed sales for your business.

Our Facebook Marketing System includes:

1.    Our Specialist not only Creating but also Managing Your Profile Page for 4 Months

  • Build Friendship Building, Popularity Building & Image Building
  • Viral Facebook Marketing Strategy for Profile Page, Photo Marketing, Email Marketing etc
  • Guarantee 1000 Potential Customers in 3 months

2.   Our Specialist will Monitoring & Viral Ads Your Business Page for 4 Months

  • Build Fan Page Campaign and Boost Your Business Brand or Services
  • Viral Facebook Marketing Strategy  for Your Business’s Services or Product Branding
  • Guarantee Achieved 10000 Targeted Client Fans in 4 Months

3.    Social Media Marketing Courses (Viral Facebook Profile & Business Page Strategy & Technique)

  • The company shall send 2 Participants to attend the above courses prior to the completion of the system before handing over

Facebook Marketing System Costing:  Total $18,579

Duration is 4 months + 6 months Monitoring and Coaching. Deposit of 10% ($1,857.90) & balance 90% after 1 month.  Interested to engage our service.  Please fill-up the form below:

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