Productivity & Innovation Credit (PIC) e-Submission Course

What is Productivity Innovation Credit (PIC) e-Submission Course

PIC claim

Almost all start-up and small businesses qualify for PIC claim (till YA 2018) especially under these two Activities:-

a) Training of Employees

b) Purchase/Leasing of PIC IT and Automation Equipment

Clique Net Pte Ltd valued such Scheme and greatly benefited from it. As such, we wish to reach out to each and every start-up and small business by offering our 1 on 1 tutor and coaching service to easethe claiming process and ensure the know-how.Our hassle free and comprehensive course is as follows:-

Theory Session

1. Overview of PIC Scheme

  •  What is PIC
  •  Six Activities covered under scheme
  •  PIC capping
  •  Year of Assessment
  •  Filing Obligation

2. Basic Criteria of Cash Payout Application

  •  How to get 3 CPF staff
  •  How to process monthly CPF staff contribution

3. Individual Company’s process in applying via My Tax Portal (EASY)

  •  Require owner’s SINPASS
  •  Require Company’s e-Service Access Code

4. Documentation requirement

  • Company Bizfile (ACRA)
  • Company’s Sales Revenue
  • Copy of Invoice/Receipt relevant to PIC claim under the qualifying expenditure

Practical Session

Our Specialist will go through with you the actual PIC claim process after ensuring you have met the following :-

1. Basic criteria

2. e-Service Access Code

3. Documentation requirement

Benefit to Your Company

a. You know practically how to raise the PIC claim for your company now till YA2018b.

b. With less than 30 minutes application process, your company can save thousands of dollars if engaged 2nd Party Service (company offering PIC claiming service)

Our Bonus

After this course, at the point you need to raise PIC claim again the following year but not sure the process, we extend our service (Practical Session) to you till YA2018 free of charge.

Fees : $999.00

Duration : 4 hrs theory     1 hr practical

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