Bookkeeping for start-up or small business course

Maintaining up to date bookkeeping is important to all businesses.

Transactions must be recorded and updated monthly to reflect actual financial position that would offer valuable information to business owner in sales marketing and expenditure management.

This course teaches basic accounting principles together with worked examples to achieve a healthy bookkeeping practise either the transaction is done manually or via accounting software. It does not require participants to have knowledge on accounting.

Topics covered:-

  1. Principles of accounts
  2. Source Documents
  3. Accounting Forms (customized to Client’s need)
  4. Ledgers (customized to Client’s need)
  5. Income Statement
  6. Balance Sheet

S$1,200.00 including customized Accounting Forms (from Source Documents right to Income Statement & Balance Sheet) in Micro Soft Excel

1 day theory (9am to 5pm)
1 day practical (9am to 5pm)

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